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Fiona Apple – Bootlegs

These last few days I’ve been searching all over the Internet for some Fiona Apple bootlegs, but I almost failed. Fortunately, I won’t write here about those Fiona Apple bootleg recordings I’ve been able to find information about, because those are just a few tracks, although their history is pretty interesting… Continue reading

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Fiona Apple – Singles

I think most singles are released by artists who simply have 2-3 good tracks on an album, and a few fillers too many. I guess that’s why Fiona Apple hasn’t released a single for almost a decade now. Singles could be good to make you popular easier in the beginning, but not once you get serious -and she is, my friends, she really is! Continue reading

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Fiona Apple – Criminal

Since yesterday, I had a bunch of things to do, I also had to fight my flu all the time, but I couldn’t help falling in love with Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” and there’s a serious reason for that. I will probably say it again in the future, but now it’s the first time that your AppleMadman here makes such a confession… Continue reading

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Fiona Apple – Discography

Just for the record, your AppleMadman here usually enjoys music that would make your grandmother instantly have a heart attack, but there are some artists that even he simply can’t ignore, especially when they have a name that includes one of his obsessions, together with a notorious antivirus producer. Yes, I am talking about Fiona Apple, born Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart on September 13, 1977, and since for the AppleMadman, every artist’s story starts with his discography, let’s take a look at the Fiona Apple discography, shall we? Continue reading

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