When talking, thinking, or dreaming about “apple,” there are plenty of things to be taken into account. Of course that most people will instantly see an iPod or the iPhone they’ve been dreaming about for at least a few months, but things are much interesting than that. The multiple meanings of this simple word made me think about Apple Madness, a blog about more than just Apple Computer‘s products, apple recipes, or even Apple Vacations

Why bother with such different topics? Exactly because I couldn’t find any place able to bring them all together, that’s why! Sometimes, I may go beyond anything involving apples, because I try to get the best out of everything, and sometimes “the apple of the day” ends up being something completely different, like Google Chrome or Netvibes.

This is it, for now – Apple Madness is AppleMadman’s home, and he just painted the door during the 3rd day of 2009. For the AppleMadman, this is only a new beginning, but be sure to remember this – one Apple Madness a day keeps (in)sanity away! 😉

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