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Since I’ve been a member of PickyDomains for ages and it happened to me a lot of times to suggest pretty cool domain names that were not chosen by customers and, sometimes, not even liked, I decided to create this page and offer you a bunch of website name ideas to choose from, since I can’t purchase all the good domain names I discover while playing with PickyDomains.

Now, here’s how this goes: I will edit this page from time to time, adding new domain name ideas, so everyone is free to pick one and register the domain without paying any additional fee. To thank me, you should at least register using my GoDaddy affiliate link at the end of the page and, if you need hosting, one of the hosting providers I suggest (sure, you can avoid doing these things and still get your nice domain name from here, but at least comment on this page and thank me, that would be the least you should do).

Oh, yeah, one more thing – if/when you register one of these names, please post a comment anyway so I can change its status, let’s hope we’ll have at least a few domain names registered by the end of the year – it will be my pleasure to link to your new sites!


Free Domain Name Ideas

1. Proposals for a “Mobile Advertising Network Domain”, all disliked by client:,,,,

2. Proposals for naming a “Free wallpaper” website, all disliked by client (some of them pretty cool, if you ask me):,,,,

3. The customer needed only a name, I entered a domain and a name that doesn’t matter now, the idea is that the domain name sounds pretty cool, especially for the given topic – “a health and fitness supplement company” –

4. The domain name was needed for a “Quality Solutions Provider” and my only suggestion, disliked by the client, was

5. A suggestion that was completely off what the client was asking, if I think about it better now, but it’s surely a catchy domain name, still not taken by anyone –

6. Requirement – “Domain related to projects / project logs”, here we have a few suggestions of mine that the client didn’t like:,,,

7. “Short and Creative Health Entertainment Studio Domain Needed” was the requirement, here you have all three suggestions of mine, all of them disliked by the client:,, (can’t remember what was in my mind when I suggested this one…)


How To Thank Me

1. Register your domain(s) using these links: GoDaddy

2. Buy hosting for your domain(s) from: Eleven2

3. Remember to drop me a comment below so I can start working on that links/registered domain name ideas section on this page


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