Adam and Eve – Bible Story…With a Twist!

If you’re a Christian, you surely know the Adam and Eve Bible story. I am sure that even most people following other religions know it, since this is far from being original. I know it may sound like a blasphemy to some of you, but if they would have had Copyscape back in those days when the New Testament was written, completing the Bible, passing the plagiarism test would have been a bit hard, if not impossible. Well, they changed a word here and there, but the main story remains the same…

In The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were tempted by the snake and Adam ended up eating the apple, God kicked them out of there, and so they started having children, multiplying the human race, and that should explain why so many freaks out there in the wild these days – we are all children of first degree relatives. Or NOT!

I know you can say I got that wrong, because the snake talked(yes, sure, and I talked to my neighbors’ dog this morning, too – the bastards won’t give the poor puppy a beer when he asks!) to Eve, who made Adam eat the apple, as we were able to see in The First and Greatest Commandment, but that’s not the point of this article. If you want to curse me, go ahead, I am not going to stop your comments, as long as they are not extremely obscene, but let’s consider this is already a part of our history, so…

…Darwin and all the other evolutionists are a bunch of idiots, and they burn in Hell as we speak. Adam and Eve were both guilty for the Original Sin (but let’s not forget about Angelina Jolie and Mr. Banderas!), but what if the first nation on earth would have been the Chinese nation, and both Adam and Eve were Chinese?

Just as a side note, I have nothing against China. I know their government can be found guilty for a bunch of things, but they really made Communism work, and there’s no reason to hate them for that. The fact that Communism sucks in most aspects, that’s a completely different story. Now, back to the story – and remember not to curse me if you’re a Chinese, Christians are doing it already…

If Adam and Eve were both Chinese, there would have been no original sin. Probably the world would have been completely different, without any major religion, and we would be colonizing the closest galaxies already. Why?

If Adam and Eve would have been Chinese, they would have simply eaten the snake, and leave the apple alone!

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