2013 – New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolution? Here we go…

– As usual in the past decade, if I recall it well, 1280X1024. No plans for HD or 3D or anything like that in the foreseeable future.

During 2013, this blog will get at least one post each week. It deserves this. People who end up here from Google deserve this. I deserve this, I know I can deliver and I will deliver useful stuff to this whole rat salad that is the World Wide Web.

 No Apocalypse during 2013!!!

– I will spend a lot of time with my kid. She’s gorgeous. No posts about her yet? There will be, at least one or two. Sometimes, you have to keep some things personal. Exposing them could ruin the whole experience.

– Make more money. Much more, but with the only purpose to reach the end goal – purchase a small house in a peaceful corner of the country, as long as such places still exist, one with lots of land around it so we can grow our own organic food and get rid of the whole modern society slavery/food-induced diseases. Having a connection to the Web there would be a good idea, though…

– Be more alive, healthier and less annoying than before. A really tough task, but I can do it. I am doing it already.

I surely missed something, but that’s most of it. Concerning this blog, I only want to make it as I always wanted it – updated on a frequent basis with interesting content. Drop a comment below if you got any ideas.

P.S. Would anyone be interested in my services regarding WordPress setup/tweaking & then some?

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